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they have the man who torched mayoress by davis' law office last month. 44-year-old maude love was arrested for starting the fire and few others. ab reporterallien wong has what the police are saying about what they are saying about torching the law office. >> when he surveyed the damage of his burned-outlaw office last month he told abc7 news he believed the attack was politically motivated. >> i can certainly tell you the motive was not politically motivated. mr. love had done dane for the system and the rules of which we are governed by. >> the 44-year-old maude love used an accelerant to set fire to the mayor's office. >> so did the mayor even know who he was, who he is? >> again, that's not something i want to comment on. >> according to family mechanics, love had asked the mayor to handle his mother's estate after she died in 1999. love end up being forced out of the house his mother owned and family members say love has always blamed the mayor. records show love filed a civil suit againstos by davis in 2005, but a judgment was never recorded. >> we have been looking at him as a lead
is brandon belt. >> so is her son-in-law. >> he was cute when he was a little boy. >> for darryl and their inlaws, this is a world series experience that reflected glory. >> they flew into detroit, they have a room at the team hotel surrounded by the giants. but make no mistake, there's a big difference between detroit and where they come from. >> lufkin, texas. >> lufkin, texas, with fewer people than a sold out crowd at&t park. that's where the local kids made a video to cheer him on. lufkin where he was a big baseball star. his parents had little potential for his potential. >> we thought maybe he can get college paid for with the baseball thing. we never dreamed we would be here. >> but they are in comerica park tonight watching their son and son-in-law on the field. every game now the next biggest of his field. >> we look at him and he's just brandon and arizona but everyone else that looks at him, wow, wow, your son is a major league player. wow. >> how do you keep all of that from getting out of control? >> oh, we are just country folk. we don't let that go to our head. >>
francisco police mounted unit. the uc hastings college of law has decided to close up shop, no classes, no library access hastings is two blocks from city hall by the parade route officials said the closure is the closure is for public safety concerns. >> watch the parade live here starts at 11. we are streaming it live on and our ipad app. >>> we want to see your giants' pride. viewers are sharing pictures like this. >> send your fan photos at ureport or share them with us on our facebook page. [ unintelligible ] >>> it wasn't the world series bet but a national restaurant chain still had to pay up for what a giant did on a playing field. excited fans lined up outside taco bell in redwood city to claim a tree to be kaye -- free tack -- [ unintelligible ] >> [ unintelligible ] [ unintelligible ] [ unintelligible ] [ unintelligible ] [ unintelligible ] [ unintelligible ] [ unintelligible ] [ unintelligible ] [ unintelligible ] >> the only question mark is the weather. >> let's talk about the weather. interesting this morning. spooky a little as we have drizzle and that is c
believes it's okay to abuse your wife and still run a major law enforcement agency. >> she issued a is statement that reads in part: >> in business news, those facebook stocks are finally paying off. chief operating officer cheryl sandberg made $7.4 million by selling about 353,000 shares of facebook. restrictions on insider trading expired this week, meaning 230 million shares of facebook became eligibility to trade. another 770 million shares are eligible later this month. it is trading at about $21 a share. zuckerberg has not sold any of his shares. >> new this morning, sports insurer men know the significance of the first saturday in november. recreational crab season is now underway. it officially started at midnight. it brings out lots of fishermen who get a twelve day jump on the commercial crabbers. their season doesn't open until november 15th. the competition to catch the crabs is fierce. the majority caught in the first six weeks of the season. it occurs in the waters off the bay. they are limit today six to ten crabs a catch and we are told this year they can expect to
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4